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8 Hot Tips for Travelling Low Carb

Tips for low carb travelling

We all know too well how easy it is to let a family holiday or a business trip become an excuse for letting a few little slip-ups slide. While a little time away from home can be good, it shouldn’t have to equal time away from your healthy habits. A week or two of ‘letting your wheels come off’ could result in some of those old bad habits resurfacing. Just remember, you can have a great time away and still keep on track with your health and goals by taking some simple measures for travelling low carb.

‘Here are out 8 tips for travelling Low-Carb style’

Number 1

The first and most important rule is to eat real foods as often as you can but don’t get discouraged if there are no suitable options. Go for what you think is best and will make you feel good. Travel can be stressful at the best of times so adding extra stress because you are worried about a meal or snack that wasn’t ideal is not going to do your health any favours.

Number 2

Eat well before you even leave home – Fill up on your favourite low carb meal. Home is the easiest place to eat right. Begin your journey nourished and satisfied! This will help you avoid a rushed bad decision to start your trip.

‘Image from 21-Day LCHF Meal Plan eBook’

Number 3

Take a look at meal options provided by airlines etc you may be travelling with ahead of time. You may be able to select a gluten free or diabetic meal which may assist in avoiding the sugar and wheat products. Choose the best option for your situation and resign yourself to the fact that you may have to leave a few items on the tray uneaten.

Number 4

Be organised! Pack some low-carb snacks. Salted nuts, beef jerky, cheese crisps, berries, granola, crispy nori sheets, & dark chocolate are all great options that won’t require a fridge.

Number 5

Choose hotels where breakfast is fabulous! A solid cooked breaky can sometimes fill you up for the whole day and in turn save you dollars. Buffets usually have an omelette bar and a range of nutritious options! Even a continental breakfast of cheese, cold meats, sauerkraut, pickled veggies, olives, nuts, and natural yogurt are a winner. Learn more about Healthy Fats in our FREE eBook.

“When your body is efficiently adapted to running on Fat, insulin secretion is reduced, therefore hunger cues are also reduced, meaning your LCHF breakfast could go the distance”

Number 6

For hydration try to stick to mostly water (still or sparkling). If choosing to drink alcohol stick to red or dry white wines or spirits neat or with a diet mixer. Avoid or limit cocktails, sweet wines or liquors as these are loaded with sugar and calories.

Number 7

Be confident when eating at restaurants. Say no to the bread, ask for double veggies instead of chips or rice with your main, choose an olive oil and vinegar dressing for your salad, choose a cheese plate for dessert.

Number 8

Commit to success. Time away from home is part of life, it does not have to derail your health. Always make health a priority and simply do the best you can within your circumstances. You have got this!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask us if you require individualised help for travelling low carb.

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