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Starting new dietary changes can sometimes feel daunting and overwhelming. We know this can be a struggle. It’s really hard to know where to start! We have listed our 20 tips for starting out your Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat approach, to help you have some direction on where to start first.

In this eBook, we specifically focus on sugar education and provide you with an easy to follow guide so you can focus on cleaning up your nutrition and reduce or eliminate a nonessential nutrient known as ‘sugar’.

When taking the step to lower your carbohydrate intake you are reducing your need to persistently fuel on glucose (sugar). While it is commonly thought that you only need glucose as an energy source, this is simply not the case. Your body can use fat as your primary fuel source and rely less on filling your tank up with glucose which ultimately has the most unstable impact on your blood sugar levels along with a range of other factors. This eBook covers facts about Healthy Fats and Protein.

Let me take a moment to give you a little background on us at Nutrition for Life Healthcare.

We were established in Launceston Tasmania in 2014 to provide a service specialising in Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat dietary advice. At this particular time there became a great need for an alternate option to the, let’s say “the out of date” diet pyramid consisting of high amounts of carbohydrates and low fat foods. The LCHF diet approach has been hugely successful in supporting many chronic diseases but stands out for managing type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

Our Team at Nutrition for Life consists of Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Health Coaches, Administration and IT staff. Our Team is passionate about helping individuals make positive changes to better their health. We create and produce all of our own resources and recipes. Everything you see here on our website is by us.

With that said, we have created these 3 fantastic eBooks that we would love for you to read. These eBooks have been packaged together for free so we can have the opportunity to help people starting out LCHF on their own.


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