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Hunger can help! Improve metabolism function with a hunger reset.

Re-setting eating patterns to improve health, metabolism and weight is a constant topic we are discussing with new and existing clients. 
One of the more common questions that clients newly embarking on their changes will ask is “is it okay to feel hungry sometimes”?

Over-eating, eating to prevent onset of hunger and eating for emotional reasons are three very common factors when it comes to those struggling to identify whether they just want food or need it.

Letting yourself get hungry before you eat doesn’t mean starving yourself. Hunger before meals boosts your growth hormones, which aid in regeneration and keep you looking and feeling younger. They even promote better digestion.

Some things to consider…
When we eat before we feel hungry, we’re piling additional fuel on an already sufficiently filled tank.

Hunger should be a signal that tells you it’s time to eat, just as you receive gentle reminders each day to sleep, drink, and use the restroom. However, if you eat when you’re upset, bored, or for comfort, you may be confused about your hunger cues.

Hunger is not an unnatural feeling but a marker when our body needs nutrition. Eating in the absence of hunger means you are most likely overeating.


Strategies to try
Use hunger as a signal to know when to eat: Hold off on eating until you feel hungry and, when you do feel hungry, eat properly. Above is a hunger rating scale from myfitness pal which can be a good starting point to use when figuring out your hunger needs. 

It is better to eat a large meal when you have time to burn it off than to eat it at the end of the day when you will not be as active.

Get some support ant ways to tackle your stress triggers so that you have a go-to list of things to calm yourself and regulate without eating unnecessarily . 


Struggling with your appetite? 

Part of our individual consultation service is to help clients tackle over-eating and awareness of safe and sensible hunger levels for optimal health and in particular their weight loss goals. As part of our weight loss package options, expect this to be an area we coach on and ensure we can help you reach your health goals. See package options here.