Best Foods High in Calcium

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Calcium is very important for your health

In fact, you have more calcium in your body than any other mineral. It is a vital mineral. It makes up much of your bones and teeth and plays a role in heart health, muscle function and nerve signaling.

So what is the recommended daily calcium intake? 

The recommended daily intake (RDI) of calcium is 1,000 mg per day for most adults, though women over 50 and everyone over 70 should get 1,200 mg per day, while children aged 4–18 are advised to consume 1,300 mg.

What are the Calcium rich sources?

The main foods rich in calcium are dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt. However, many non-dairy sources are also high in this mineral, we feature many of these in our eBook range here. 

Other Great Sources of Calcium

These include seafood, leafy greens, legumes, dried fruit, tofu and various foods that are fortified with calcium.

Seeds: Seeds are tiny nutritional powerhouses. Some are high in calcium, including poppy, sesame, celery & chia seeds.

Sardines: A 90gram can of sardines packs 35% of your RDI

Almonds: Almonds contain the highest amount of calcium of nut varieties. They make up about 10% per serve of your recommended daily calcium intake.

Greens: Dark leafy greens, in particular, provide a good source of calcium. Spinach is one of them. So although it has a lot of calcium, it’s less available than the calcium in low-oxalate greens, such as kale and collard greens.


What to do now if you are not consuming enough calcium?

Figure out from the dairy and non-dairy sources what you will be willing to try more of and ensure each of your meals includes one of the sources. To guide you on LCHF compliant options refer to our starter guide here. 

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