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Intermittent Fasting and Improving Metabolism – Dietitian Dani

In 2019 Nutrition for Life introduced a unique testing service located at their Newstead clinic known as a Metabolic Test. 
This is a test I commonly now include into many of my client consultations and it can really help both the client and I understand more about what is going on with their metabolism.  I need to physically see clients to have them complete this test  as it requires a a short 5-10 minute rested breathing activity in order to gain the relevant data.
As I have continued to become more familiar with metabolic testing in practice and its capability, one of the exciting elements I am tapping into is how it allows me to provide clients with more accurate dietary interventions around intermittent fasting protocols.

Intermittent fasting protocols are common dietary interventions given to my patients at Nutrition for Life. And a metabolic test can help the recommendations given to a client on what type of fast might best suit them. 

By having metabolic testing during a fast I can assess exactly what percentage of fat the client is burning at that time. This is not only encouraging for the client to see this data but it provides a good indication whether a certain fasting protocol e.g. 16 hr or 18 hr fast is help the client to tap into a fat utilisation state.
If I am using a metabolic test to measure a clients level of fat burning during a fast I can be more prescriptive as to how long the client should aim to fast in their upcoming months ahead and what times of day might suit the needs of their metabolism at that time. A re-assessment then is always ideal down the track to check in on progress and whether any other changes are needed.
Another reason I may request the client test on our metabolic device during a fast is to assess their oxygen usage and ability to produce energy while fasting. If you are using fasting to boost your energy levels consider a test to measure this accurately.

Many patients will see results with fasting but if you are unsure at all if its the right fit for you we suggest “Test don’t guess!”

There is no doubt now in my experience with metabolic testing that it can really help the client gain much better insight into how intermittent fasting could help them and as a Practitioner the data this test provides gives me more assurance in these types of strategies I may suggest if I feel a client will benefit from this type of strategy.

Please reach out to us for more information if this is sounding like something that you may be interested in and for more information see below.


Kind Regards,

Danielle Toscan
Senior Dietitian (APD), Nutrition for Life

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