Danielle Toscan


Meet Senior Dietitian Danielle. Dietitian Dani is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Food Scientist from Launceston, Tasmania, with a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition and Master of Dietetics from University in Melbourne.

Dietitian Dani joined the Nutrition for Life team in 2016 and is our Senior Dietitian. Dietitian Dani has a genuine passion for food and health and helping people. Becoming a dietitian was a no brainer for Dani.

Outside of Dietitian life, Dani enjoys time with her family and friends, trips away and of course cooking. Coming from a European background food is an enjoyable celebrated experience which has provided Dani with an appreciation on both the fun and lifestyle benefits of nutrition.

Currently Dietitian Dani provides consultation for those with complex chronic health issues. To see Senior Dietitian Dani’s full scope of expertise and areas she can help with, click over to our online bookings page, here, for more.


Sarah Tonks

Health & Nutrition Coach
(Owner of Nutrition for Life)

Meet Nutritionist & Health Coach Sarah. Sarah took ownership of Nutrition for Life in 2018. Sarah has completed qualifications in mindset coaching, health coaching and Nutrition studies. Sarah is a highly experienced educator, coach and consultant who has a passion to see her clients master a healthier lifestyle.

Outside of Nutrition for Life, Sarah is a busy mum of 4 and leads a very active lifestyle, going between various activities, sports, camping, mountain biking and more…Sarah is a huge advocate for creating healthy habits and prioritising these to ensure there is always time to upkeep a healthy life. Sarah also loves cooking, sunshine, and saunas!

Over the years Sarah has introduced several services to Nutrition for Life including metabolic testing, online programs, and a health food store to the clinic. Sarah helps clients specifically to improve their metabolism and lose unwanted body fat.

To see Nutritionist Sarah’s full scope of expertise and areas she can help
with, click over to our online bookings page, here, for more.


Ash Barlow

Clinic Coordinator

Meet our Clinic Coordinator Ash. Ash commenced with our Nutrition for Life team in 2023. Coming from an educational background Ash has always loved supporting and inspiring others. The journey to move into the health sector for Ash was both a professional and personal choice and we are inspired to work with Ash each day.

Ash underwent a personal transformation journey following a trip to an intensive health retreat in Egypt and since this experience has been on a path of healing
and self-development. Having grown up plus size, Ash is driven to support others with their health goals.

Outside of Nutrition for Life Ash enjoys walking, weightlifting and time with her family. Along with her upskilling, Ash is an Accredited Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy , NLP Practitioner, Master Life Coach, Master Emotional Change Therapy (ECT) Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner.

To speak with Clinic Coordinator Ash, you can find her contact details over here on our contact us page.

Nutrition for Life Healthcare was established in Launceston Tasmanina, 2014 with one mission in mind – to teach you the health benefits of eating real food so that you may go on to reach your full health potential well into the future.

Our healthcare service is based on teaching the principles of LCHF (Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat) along with ketogenic nutrition.

Our qualified team of health professionals deliver individualised advice and support to assist you to manage or reverse a range of conditions and lifestyle-related issues working within these dietary models.

We help clients worldwide to #loveyourhealth by teaching them how to successfully follow a Low Carb Healthy Fat and/or Ketogenic approach.