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Collagen Peptides – Total Body Benefits

Collagen accounts for up to 30% of the body’s total protein as it is one of the primary structural proteins of connective tissue.

Connective tissue plays a very important role in the body as it is crucial for mobilization of joints, stable bones, healthy muscles, a robust gastrointestinal tract, strong ligaments/tendons, healthy skin, and hair, & strong fingernails. ((Now that is a lot of benefits)).

Dietary collagen is made up of an amino acid composition very similar to collagen found in the human body making it ideal for supporting body collagen turnover and renewal. The three amino acids collagen is comprised of include: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline.

Examples of excellent dietary sources of collagen include:

Protein-rich foods, like meat, eggs, fish and seafood, beans, and dairy, all supply the body with a range of amino acids needed to make collagen.

Bone broth and gelatin are other foods that are collagen-rich.

Aiding natural collagen production in the body is the first aim. Our bodies, if in a reasonably healthy state, are capable of producing collagen. However as the aging process takes place or nutrition is of poor quality, there is a decline of natural collagen production over the life-cycle. Further deterioration of our ability to produce adequate collagen in our body can also be due to toxin exposure, inadequate protein intake, sickness, and injury trauma.


A micronutrient linked to collagen production is; Vitamin C


Scientifically backed benefits of collagen production in the body

  • Supports bone and cartilage strength
  • Reduces osteoarthritis symptoms (pain & stiffness in joints)
  • Improves the appearance of skin (reduces wrinkles, improves elasticity/hydration)
  • Reduces fracture risk and accelerates fracture healing
  • Support healing of stomach ulcerations
  • Improves overall gut health
  • Improves overall immune system health
  • Improve inflammatory skin conditions
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Speed healing of bedsores in the elderly
  • Healing effects in chrons and colitis
  • Reduce menopause-related obesity (only animal study so far)


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Collagen Peptide Supplementation to stimulate collagen production in the body

When looking for collagen supplement support it is important to source collagen peptides which are short-chain protein building blocks produced via a method of hydrolysis which is bioavailable and rapidly absorbed by the body. There are many false ‘claiming’ collagen products on the market which simply will not provide the body with any valid enhancement. We encourage clients to consider supplementation uptake to enhance their health profile and this may vary from short-term to longer-term intake.

Clinically proven patents in a high-quality collagen supplement (look for these)

  • Fortibone (collagen matrix stimulation)

Supports bone strength and helps with joint pain

  • Fortigel (the joint health revolution)

Improves tendon and cartilage strength

  • Verisol (beauty from within)

Improves the appearance of hair, skin, and nails

Assist in healing gastrointestinal inflammation


If you suspect you need more collagen support (dietary and/ or supplementation) then please contact our clinic for more information on how we can help!

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