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Last updated on the 25/03/2020

Dear Valued Client and Community Member,

Nutrition for Life Healthcare would like to provide you with a direct update in relation to what services our clinic is providing and relevant changes to the operations at Nutrition for Life Healthcare given the current COVID19 situation.

Please note: This article is being regularly updated to comply with any Government regulations and enforced announcements.

Nutrition for Life Healthcare exists as an Allied Health service that supports a range of chronic health cases and at present, this means we are considered an essential service. 

However, in aligning to the required health and safety regulations currently in place below is the way we must operate at present.


  • Practicing good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene, washing hands regularly
  • Ensuring all areas in our clinic are regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • Both clients and staff to avoid coming into the clinic if unwell, have a temperature, have a common cold or flu like symptoms
  • Our staff notifying any at-risk clients to transition to phone or skype appointments and avoid coming into our clinic
  • Both clients and staff to self-isolate before coming into the clinic until the (above) has been cleared by a GP or in the event have recently travelled either overseas or interstate within the past 14 days
  • Avoid contact and maintain a distance of 2 metres by 2 metres within the clinic environment and during face to face consultations
  • Any individual appointment in moving forward from the above date on this blog post can be via phone or skype
  • Card payments only accepted for the payment of consultations or any product purchase in our clinic. Online payments accepted also.



During this time we are scheduling any face to face consultations we consider more appropriate as phone or skype to this method.
Clients new or existing may request their upcoming consultation to be changed to an online format however our Newstead Launceston Clinic is open and we are able to see clients in-person who are ‘well’ and who have not recently travelled from overseas and are symptom-free of any type of cold or flu.

We ask that clients see our service as a continual preventative source to support your physical well-being during this time and in particular to help you navigate some of those questions and changes to nutrition or supplementation you may wish to make in order to build a naturally strong and defensive immune system. We also know that eating healthy supports positive mental well-being and during these times of uncertainly and stress being guided to nourish your body/ gut/ brain is very beneficial.


Private health and medicare rebates apply to ALL Dietitian consultations during this time, provided the client has appropriate level of coverage or referral from their GP. We are able to ensure you can claim for all individual Dietitian appointments, whether in-person, phone or skype – anywhere in Australia. ** Medicare rebates can be claimed for phone consultations with a GP chronic health plan referral.

To view our consultation options you can see a list here

To phone our clinic and find out more you can contact on this number:
03 63019096


Surrounding yourself with productive and healthy messages is really encouraged during this time along with finding ways to safely stay connected with others. Here are some of our options for you…

  • Free ebook download covering the key points to a healthier way forward with your nutrition, access by clicking here. 
  • Nutrition for Life FACEBOOK group, join and be apart of our healthy conversations – Join Here. 


Our range of eBooks which include meal and health plans are an excellent source of information, direction and recipe help. We have put a number of these on our website at a reduced fee, see more here. 

You can find out about our next online 30-Day Low Carb Program that starts in May – Here. 



Low Carb Pantry Essentials
Depending on stock availability which is all noted on our website here.  you can find low carb products which can be purchased and shipped to your preferred location, arranged as click and collect from our clinic or during our opening hours you are welcome to pop into our clinic located via 48 Belhaven Crescent Newstead,
See the shop here. 




Thank you for your attention and time to read our message and any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

We look forward to staying connected with you and working through this challenging time.

Warm Regards,

Sarah and Mathew

Nutrition for Life Healthcare