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Accelerate your health by joining our next 30-Day Online Program 

This fully online program is facilitated by Nutrition for Life Health and Nutrition Coaches Mathew and Sarah and is based on Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat (LCHF) principles for health and weight loss. Our next round starts on the 11th of May and we are now taking registrations. Below you’ll find everything you need about this program and how to join.

How this program will help you?

✅ Stabilise your blood sugar levels

✅ Learn about lower carbohydrate nutrition

✅ Create a healthy lifestyle change

✅ Initiate fat metabolism and weight loss

✅ Increase energy levels

✅ Reduce Inflammation

✅ Improve overall gut health

✅ Develop confident meal planning skills

✅ Keep you accountable to your goals

Online weight loss program

Who should complete this program?

If you are aged 18 years and over and interested in improving your health by changing your nutrition, then this program is for you.

You should not undertake this program if you

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding (we would suggest individual appointments if this is the case)

  • Prefer vegan food

Why a Low Carb Approach?

In our program we teach participants to correctly understand lower carbohydrate nutrition and guide them toward consuming a balanced, real food approach which enables their bodies to burn and metabolise fat for optimal health. This approach is focused on teaching participants about foods which are low inflammation, nutrient dense and support a reduction in the fat storage hormone known as insulin. Low carb eating provides the variety and flexibility to people adapting to this lifestyle approach and throughout our program we ensure each participant understands just how sustainable it is.

If you would like to read the range of evidence-based papers, we have provided links to more information here.


What does it mean?

Low Carbohydrate and Healthy Fat (LCHF) is the replacement of carbohydrates in your diet with fresh food, which is lower in carbohydrates and higher in natural fats. This is similar to the well-known keto diet in Australia.

If we use a car as a simple analogy, it needs fuel in the tank in order to run. Now, if you think about your own body’s fuel system – it requires a certain amount of fuel each day just to perform basic daily tasks.

Imagine your own carbohydrate or sugar tank, this can only hold a maximum of a few hours of fuel at one time (around 2,000 calories of energy). Each time we fill the carbohydrate tank up, our body shifts into gear and is ready to burn this up.

But what happens when we overfill the tank? That’s right. It gets stored as fat!

Our fat fuel tank is very large in comparison (up to 40,000 calories of energy). It can be stored on the outside and inside of our bodies – causing many life-threatening health risks.

However, the human body is very clever. It is designed to also burn fat as a source of fuel!

If your carbohydrate tank is left empty for a period of time, then your body will switch over to its other, reserve, fuel tank (the fat tank) and start using fats and protein as its primary fuel source. Therefore, fat burning and weight loss can be achieved, and blood sugar levels can be stabilised, giving you much greater control over your own health.

With your body efficiently fuelling on an LCHF lifestyle, you will have more sustained energy, you will experience a reduction in weight (if overweight prior to commencing), and the overall functioning of your body will improve. You will have less pain, less inflammation, improved movement, improved healing… and many more health benefits.

At Nutrition for Life Healthcare we really do believe Food is Fuel and that Food is Medicine. When you choose the right foods, you will be choosing improved health, disease management and disease prevention.

Success – Our 30-Day Low Carb Online Program Delivery

When joining this program, you will be provided with members’ area access to our program resources, recipes and audios located from our website, which are all downloadable and yours to keep. We will also invite you to Program Facebook Group which will be where all the live coaching sessions take place.

There are three main focus areas for each participant in this program, which include; 1. helping you thoroughly understand Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat Nutrition, 2. teaching you how to use this dietary approach for general overall health improvement and/or weight loss, and 3. inspiring you to continue with healthy eating habits beyond the 30-day program timeframe.

After your registration is complete, we will email you all relevant commencement information and again notify you of the program start date so that when the program goes live you can log-in and access your resources and participate in our Private 30-Day Program Members Only Facebook Group. This Facebook group is absolutely integral to each participant gaining as much from this program as possible, as ALL live coaching sessions occur within this group. Our additional direction and guidance will help you absolutely nail healthy eating and drive your accountability to progress and succeed.

30-Day Online Program Inclusions

Food Prep Email Prior to Starting

Pantry and fridge clean-out and re-stocking information sent to you 3 days before the program start date (provided you are registered by this stage). Otherwise, expect this email shortly before the program goes ‘live’.

Website Members’ Area Access

Comprehensive downloadable resources, recipes, food lists, macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient information, PLUS each module comes with audio.

Please note:

We set a start and finish date for each program; your will only have access to the members’ area during this period as we update resources between programs and prefer all participants to follow along with their materials and accompanying audio under coaching

Modules in this program include

Module 1 – Understanding LCHF

  • In this step you will learn:

  • What is LCHF?

  • How does LCHF work?

  • What are macro-nutrients?

  • Fuel types and how your body responds differently to them.

  • What your macro-nutrient breakdown should look like.

Module 2 – Your Actions

In this step you will learn:

  • The first five actions to take when transitioning to LCHF. These actions will be your goals!

  • How to track your progress.

Module 3 – The Food

In this step you will learn:

  • What foods fit into LCHF?

  • Basic food label familiarisation.

  • How to manage your own portion control.

  • Meal examples.

Module 4 – Transitioning to LCHF

In this step you will learn about:

  • Effects of transitioning to a new style of eating.

  • Common FAQs.

  • Managing feeling overwhelmed.

  • Eliminating confusion.

  • Combating fatigue.

Module 5 – Meal Planning

In this step you will learn about:

  • Meal planning.

  • Food preparation and storage.

  • Supermarket shopping.

  • Eating out.

30-Day Meal Plan + Recipes

LCHF compliant recipes along with a 30-day meal plan, including drinks list, optional snacks list and meal swap out options.
Please note: additional recipes are included in this resource that are not referenced in the meal plan and can be cooked in replacement of various options listed in the plan.

This is what your program dashboard will look like.

30-day meal plan provided in your resources

This will include 24 recipes, a meal plan structure mapped out for you with the flexibility to ‘swap-out’ certain foods or meals according to your routine, hunger levels and food preferences.
In addition, participants will have a recipe eBook with ‘other meal ideas’ and a meal planning module with a template to encourage ‘own meal planning’.


LIVE Coaching Sessions

The aim of our coaching sessions is to ensure each participant understands all the information we provide in the program resources as well as motivating participants with additional ways to approach healthy eating and lifestyle changes. We will use the Private Facebook group to prompt your questions for our live sessions so our coaching is focused on answering what you need more help and direction with.

Micro-nutrient Information

Micro-nutrient resources are provided so that when we talk about why variety is so important to losing weight, having a healthy metabolism, having more energy and being healthier overall, you understand what we are talking about. This resource will cover the key foods for all the main vitamins and minerals.

DAILY Accountability

A daily accountability email will be sent to you to remind you what you need to do every single day. This will be invaluable in helping you feel as though someone is looking over your shoulder and reinforcing your healthy habit progress!

Facebook Private Group Access

Program Coaches will provide each registered participant with a link to join our closed Facebook group which is exclusively for current 30-Day Program participants. You can then receive notifications when the coaches post announcements, information and their LIVE coaching videos.

What we cover in LIVE Coaching Sessions? 

The aim of our coaching sessions is to ensure each participant understands all the information we provide in the program resources as well as motivating participants with additional ways to approach healthy eating and lifestyle changes. We generally follow these coaching topics, but also tailor each session at the time according to viewer questions and the needs of the participants in that particular program round.

Coaching topics include:

Understanding your macro-nutrients, appropriate foods to eat when eating low carb, managing detox symptoms, how to meal plan successfully and protein and fat portions.

Meet the Coaches Mat and Sarah

It’s time to make a change more than ever!

Your health is the most valuable investment you can make in your life. There is never anything to regret when doing something for your future self that will help you take back control of your health, feel the best you have felt in years and gain an abundance of energy.

Too often we put off making changes we know we need to make and get stuck in a rut, feeling unwell and lacking motivation Our 30-day program will provide you a safe, motivating, inspiring platform to become ‘unstuck’ and get on with regaining the health that you deserve.

Each round we hear so many stories of success, from those feeling more confident in themselves, to significant weight loss, to regaining quality of life in their relationships, to just enjoying food again. This feedback reinforces time and time again that good health starts with healthy nutrition. And this is what we love to teach!

Now that you have read all about our program and hopefully have decided to take the next step, all you need to do is register for our upcoming round.

Rest assured that you now have a plan for your current health goals. Enter the dates in your diary so that during this experience you can prioritise your participation in our education and coaching program. This will be time well spent!

Our next program starts soon. Places are limited. Don’t miss out on our next round!

To register now and secure your spot, click the Join Now button and fill in your details at the checkout. We will then send you everything you need to be ready to go on the start date.

We are excited and can’t wait to get started! We look forward to seeing you there!

Your Health & Nutrition Coaches,

Mat & Sarah

Online weight loss program


Next Program To Be Announced!

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for the next start date!



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